The Silver Bullet Goes to Bed

Oh, misery. Gloom and doom. Jim and I are in a state because the Silver Bullet has been retired for the winter. For an indefinite time. Our house, our baby and our first home together is officially put to bed in a storage compound. What is the world coming to?

We’re in this state because we hardly know any other home at this point. I mean, who couldn’t get used to 200 square feet, making everything you own have at least two uses, passing each other turned sideways in the hallway and owning only three t-shirts and one week’s worth of clean underwear? Doesn’t everybody live like that?

But, it seems the time has come to change. We said we were going to become normal and so we’re on the way. We’ve done our recent visiting, we’re back in Sooke and we are building a house. Hello to rentals as we proceed with the plan. Wow, Mr. and Mrs. Boring.

However, here’s the rub…Sooke is anything but boring. We’ve only been here for a few weeks and it seems we’ve just touched the surface. So what does that mean?

For instance, just driving home can be the most scenic route ever. The other day, we almost had cloud dysfunction (a break in the clouds starts to seem abnormal) and it looked like the sun was about to come out. And while we were waiting for this awesome event, even just the scenery on the road was amazingly beautiful.


And then we went for a walk along the town harbour, otherwise known as the Wiffen Spit. All you could see was huge driftwood, ocean on three sides and seals, sea lions and birds everywhere, all of it making for breathtaking scenery. Again, there were clouds and a bit of rain (they call it “dry rain” meaning you don’t even notice after awhile and you don’t feel wet because, guess what, around here, you’re always wet) but it was so beautiful.  This is in town and only ten minutes from our lot. Yahoo!



Consequently we’ve realized that this is not boring, it’s gloriously exciting, interesting and even has a touch of normal thrown in. Accordingly, on the next day we  set out for another amazing walk. This time we hike through the East Sooke Regional Park and today the sun is really out and cloud dysfunction lasts all day. As we trek through yet another forest full of giant trees, we gradually become aware that we are approaching the ocean. One more turn and there it is – the Juan de Fuca Strait in all its glory. And wow, here’s a trail that goes right along the ocean for miles and miles and miles. Beautiful little beaches. A group of huge sea lions swimming right past as we watch. Wow, what a place.





And then, just when we think it can’t get any better, three kayaks suddenly appear coming around a corner. What, we can kayak here?  Whoopee!!!


And so we climb up a hill, settle down to watch the view and dream about the future. About how over the years we can bring all our kids and grandkids here, install them in our new guest rooms and show them all these sights. We envision getting friends to come and share this with us, about how we’ll blow them away with our new neighbourhood and enjoy showing them all of this. Maybe putting the Airstream to bed for awhile isn’t so bad. Whatever happens, we can’t wait. Come on, everybody! Walking the edge with us here is going to be really something. Are you coming?







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