Well, hello and welcome back. The Silver Bullet (aka the Airstream) is on the road again and heading west. After a great summer of cabins and lakes and Winnipeg family and friends, we’re doing a repeat performance of last year but with all different destinations and purposes.  Therefore, our travels are beginning once more but, of course,  not without the usual gut-wrenching that always comes with goodbyes. You’d think we’d be used to that, but no.

Accordingly, we visit and then regretfully leave everybody behind. There’s family in Winnipeg and it’s sad to be leaving them. In addition, there’s friends we don’t see often enough. Mothers and sons and brothers and sister-in-laws and girlfriends and old buddies. Damn, why can’t they all just come with us?

And then there’s the visits to Edmonton and Calgary. First there’s camping with the kids in the cold with a few drops of rain and a three- year old who leads us a merry chase all weekend. Such a rich experience. Bug-catching, anyone?


Then onto Calgary to the other three- year old who can work a tablet twice (make that twenty times) as fast as me and talks circles around all of us. He’s beyond cute and we love him to bits, but what do we do? After an exhausting three days, we leave.



And then there’s the RV reunion. What is that, you say? Well, when we toured Baja, Mexico last winter, an amazing thing happened. Instead of being glad to see the last of people with whom we spent 28 days, the group of RVers we were with all want to see each other again.  As a result, we have a get-together at an awesome farm in Alberta and have a party fit for a king. We eat and laugh and eat and eat until it is impossible to do more. Wow, this trip is off to a good start.

Anyway, visits over, we’re once again going through the Rockies. In September yet. It is amazingly beautiful, more than ever and this sunny day is a real balm for the soul. Our first stop is the gorgeous Tunnel Mountain campsite. Getting back to the wilderness is a bit of a shock, especially when the park ranger says, “Welcome. And watch out for the grizzly that was in the campground this morning. Here’s your campsite number.” And when I go to the ladies room it’s only to find that we may have a wolf or two for neighbours. Oh well, dig out the bear spray, watch your back and welcome to life on the road. In addition, the mountains are incredible, the colours are astounding and the feeling of freedom is back in full force. Hang on, British Columbia, here we come. The Silver Bullet is on the road and we’re going to walk the edge again. Welcome once more and here’s hoping you can come along for the ride. All aboard!








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