Are We Really Doing This?

So, we’ve crossed the Rockies and have arrived, still awestruck, in the lower British Columbia mainland. Whiterock, to be exact. It’s been a long drive, made longer and more emotional by the visits and subsequent leavetaking of our children. But we’ve done it and here we are. And when we arrive, there is my dear friend Charleen showing up in our Walmart parking lot home, picking me up to go out for lunch. What more could a person want? Travel fifteen hundred kilometres, cross the world’s most beautiful mountains and find a waiting friend. I am so lucky.

After Whiterock, it’s BC Ferries again and off we go to beautiful Vancouver Island. And no, ferry prices haven’t improved at all. But we gamely drive on, get directed to our barely adequate parking spot on the lowest deck and then proceed to chill. In fact, this time, we never even leave the Airstream. Wow, are we becoming seasoned BC travellers. Crossing the Strait of Georgia? Who cares? Waves and whales and mountains and scenery? Oh well. Accordingly, we relax in the trailer, reading and eating lunch. Before we know it, we’re there.

And where’s there? Well, after looking at real estate in Winnipeg, Kenora, other parts of Manitoba and Ontario for the last five months, we’ve finally landed in the place we’re most excited about, that is, Victoria, British Columbia. Further to that, we keep driving down a narrow and winding road, finally ending up in a bustling, beautiful town just southwest of Victoria called Sooke.

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. What do I mean – looking at real estate? Aren’t we full-time RVers? Aren’t we real certified trailer trash? We don’t have a home and we love it. We live in our trailer and love it. We travel aimlessly, leaving our friends and relatives, existing in 200 square feet of space. We’re experts at giving each other “space” in a nearly-impossible-to-do-that situation. So what’s this real estate thing? What are we talking about?

Well, it seems Jim and I have had a slight change of heart. One morning we woke up and pow, there was an epiphany. Yep, for  both of us. I said to him, ” You know, I think I’m tired of living in a trailer.” And he said, ” Yes! So am I!” (Note: for sure he didn’t mean tired of living with me in a trailer. I know that. But… why did he say it so fast? And with so many exclamation marks?). Anyway, that was it. It seems we are going to be ex-trailer trash. We are going to become home owners and consequently, part-time travellers.  How boring. How exciting. And for those of you who read this blog exclusively because of the travel stories, so sorry. We hope you can just relax and enjoy our at-home adventures  that will now be mixed in with our coming travels. How normal.

But to get back on track, Sooke has been on our radar for quite awhile now. And so, as we drive in, we are both cautiously happy and getting happier. So far, so good. Great scenery, not much traffic, quaintness everywhere, nice, very nice. It appears out-doorsy and lively at the same time. Not too big and not too small. And finally, after about ten kms of looking, looking, looking, we both say it out loud – it is, without exaggeration, enormously beautiful. Yes! Gorgeous west coast beautiful. Wow.


As we continue our sightseeing, we observe the following: Cliffs. Huge trees. More cliffs, higher than the last ones. Hiking trails. Little wooden cabins and huge mansion-like homes. Funky pubs and restaurants. And…ocean. Miles and miles of gorgeous ocean with the sun glinting off of it in every direction and breathtaking mountains in the distance. And look, was that a seal? A whale? Quick, look!



And further observation shows us that, besides amazing scenery, there is also lots to do in this town. Kayaking, hiking, walking, big city twenty minutes away, restaurants, wildlife. I even see an example of my next venture:

dsc03370-001Yahoo! Can’t wait! I’m doing that tomorrow!

Or, for those of you that are still laughing, maybe this is more realistic?


Whatever. Anyway, after a whole summer of wondering if this was a place we might want to be, here we are. And it’s better than we remembered, better than we thought. Hmmm, what do we do now? Who knows? Keep watching as we really walk the edge this time.









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