The Long and Winding Road


Well, here we are again, folks, after a rather long session of non-communication. During this time, we have…. 1. entered Canada…. 2. gotten ourselves to Jim’s daughter’s house on Vancouver Island….3. spent two weeks sawing, hammering, cleaning, babysitting and generally being helpful parents and grandparents…. 4. crossed over to mainland British Columbia and visited dear friends and…. 5. begun the journey over the mountains towards Manitoba.

Consequently, our long and winding road is nearing it’s completion. We are on the way home, having left it nine months ago with the goal of making a complete circle with our travels. Winnipeg to the United States to the bottom of the Baja Peninsula to Vancouver Island to Alberta and back to Winnipeg. Mission almost accomplished. We are presently nine tenths of the way.

And so we are now crossing the Rocky Mountains. We are filled with feelings, most of which consist of awe, fascination and gratitude that we come from this beautiful country. Yes, Arizona was great. California, even better. The Baja, amazing. But the Rockies? Omigod.


Our journey through the mountains is absolutely fascinating, especially after spending so long in the desert. The greenness, the huge trees, the smell of pine, the granite, the forests! The scenery is the best in the world  (except for ocean beaches which are hard to beat). I am overcome and I feel I just can’t get enough. Oh Canada.



And then there are the quirks which, it seems, we have forgotten. For instance, there are the constant warnings about avalanches. Apparently it is common for Canadians to blissfully drive along roads on which huge boulders could tumble at any second and where snowfall could cause your car to be pushed right off the road. Also it seems to be necessary to build shelters which keep the snow off the road and fences to keep the rocks on the shoulder. And, get this, there are so many wild animals that could jump in front of your vehicle that they build crosswalks right on the highway, the design and construction of which are nicer than any house I’ve ever lived in. These beautiful walkways are……. for the animals. Oh Canada.




And then there are the pleasures. Our stop for lunch is one of the best ones ever. We find a pull-off which is so awesome we get out the lawn chairs, our food and the camera and proceed to just enjoy. What could be better?



However, of course our travels would not be the same without our trials. Remember the failing batteries? Well. Getting those replaced soon. Sure are. In the meantime,  there’s the temperature in the mountains in spring. Hmm.  One and one makes what? COLD. Mornings in the mountains in a trailer with no heat (did I say we should buy a generator? Did I, dear?) makes for really, really chilly bed-making. No problem, we can handle it. After all, who doesn’t wear their down jacket with their jammies? Oh, and let’s not forget the freakin’ toque. Not one of my better moments.


But the crowning touch to this trip across western Canada is our stay in the beautiful, awesome Kananaskis Valley. The road into the valley is filled with breathtaking scenery and we travel to our favorite area, Upper and Lower Kananaskis Lakes. This is all the more incredible because it’s April and the snow outlines everything around us. In addition, there are NO PEOPLE.  Just us and the animals and the scenery. We walk around the lake in complete awe, hardly able to comprehend this beauty. Every step brings more to take in and every turn has a new amazing vista. Once again, we are so lucky.






Hope you have enjoyed this walk on the edge with us. Stay tuned.







6 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. You are so right! We have an amazing country here and even though your pictures are amazing, they don’t do justice to those majestic mountains. Can’t wait to see you back home!


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