And so we drive away from Bahia Asuncion. Drive, drive, drive down a lonely road that cuts through salt flats and miles and miles of desert to arrive at the first bigger town to the east. Suddenly the Mexican town of Vizcaino seems like a huge metropolis and a bustling center of activity. There is more than one restaurant open at a time. There’s hardware stores that actually have walls (but sometimes not a ceiling. Really.), a bike repair shop, more than one small drugstore, REAL SUPERMARKETS ! There’s cars and trucks and people everywhere, and they’re not the same ones we saw yesterday or the day before. There’s even red lights although they rarely work. This is no problem, however, since once you learn to race through the intersections whenever the urge hits, you’re ok. Wow, where have we been for a month? Again, it’s starting to seem like we were on Mars.

We stop at the Pemex to have a quiet lunch in the back of the huge parking lot. In the middle of our sandwiches, we see an RV go by the window. And another one and another one. It’s our caravan! We quickly pull out our radio, go to the right channel and speak:

“Number One, are you there?” and quickly an answer comes, “Yes, who is this?” We answer, “It’s Number Seven the First!” and there’s lots of laughing on both radios, a bit of sputtering and then, it’s done…we have made contact. We have officially ended our sojourn in Bahia Ascuncion and returned to our caravan buddies. Phew. We did it.


And so we are off with the caravan to do the next three days of beaches and driving and getting to the American border. The first place we stop for two days of boondocking (staying in your RV with no electricity or running water) is a spot that is heaven for kayakers. Now we are on the east side of the Baja Peninsula on the beautiful Sea of Cortez.  Out come the solar panels, jugs of water, lawn chairs and water toys. Oh boy, kayaking again!


Within minutes, Jim and I are in the kayak, heading out onto this gorgeous water. Wow, what a difference from the Pacific side. No surf, no huge scary waves, just see-through water and fabulous scenery. We paddle and paddle, right across the bay to the islands in the distance. Oh, wow, is this nice.


The rocks are amazing and I can’t stop taking pictures. But then, suddenly something catches my eye. Fish! Hundreds of them on either side, ahead, behind and underneath the boat. There’s too many to count and too many kinds to name. But just as we are thinking about putting on the snorkel masks, the water is inundated with these:


Swimming here? Maybe not.

But we do go on and during the paddle we see more pelicans, many strange shore birds, porpoises and yes, a whale feeding at a distance from us. We see hundreds of beetle-like bugs all over the shore as the tide goes down, a stingray that actually comes within three feet of Jim’s feet during one of our breaks and many, many curious black fish that actually swim near us for a look. It’s altogether a magical time and finally we head back to the caravan tired and happy.

Yep, life is also good here on the other side. We spend two days here and then begin the trip to the States.. A short stop for an final dinner with our friends, a wine- tasting session  in the northern part of Baja and then we’re off to the border. Difficult as it is, we are leaving Mexico. These lovely people and this picturesque country will remain with us as a memory of an awesome time. Once again, we are so lucky.


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