A Day in the Life…

Ah yes, it’s a tough life. I mean, we’re working, right? We’re the innkeepers. With that in mind, here’s a list of our duties:

-Sweep the decks. This is necessary because of the constant wind which blows tons of sand every which way causing it to appear everywhere. In your eyes, in your hair, clothes, face, ears, feet, food, camera, and on and on. Therefore, our employers, Shari and Juan, have told us that part of their routine is to sweep the decks of this place and so, in their absence,  that is what we do.

1-P1050611  1-P1050613

-Feed the dogs and the cat. These animals (think INCREDIBLY dusty but very, very lovable) have adopted us, it seems. They follow us around, sit beside us when we’re relaxing and now, sleep just outside the trailer door and bark whenever anyone approaches the property. They are mellow, sensitive and very sweet. Want come to Canada, you guys? Live in an Airstream, maybe? Whaddaya think, Jim?


-Water the plants. This particularly refers to the crop of cherry tomatoes and fresh basil that exist on and around the decks because they are feeding us as long as we water them.

So that’s our duties when there are no guests. If someone comes to stay here at the inn, oh boy, do we get busy. Then we have to:

-Greet the guests and show them their rooms. We’ve gotten the rooms ready and by that I mean: called the cleaner, checked up on the cleaner and said goodbye to the cleaner when he has finished his work.

-Take the money and show the guests the office which has lots of handmade items for sale.

-Make sure that the guests have fresh water and that they know where the restaurants are in town.

-Say goodbye to said guests when they leave and be charming, thus ensuring that they want to come back.

-Strip the beds, do the laundry and call the cleaner.

Man, are we busy! This working for a living is tough. It’s a good thing we’re tough too.

And then, when siesta is over (see above), there are the adventures that compose the rest of our days. Zumba, beach walking and exploring (today was craaaazy boogie boarding on surf so strong it threw me right off the board and into the sand), dinner out on the town (hmm, maybe “out on the town” is a little misleading) with guests and/or our new gringo friends, and shopping after dinner every night to see if fresh veggies have arrived in the stores. Today we saw the vegetable man who, instead of taking the food into the grocery store, was lounging in his truck out on the street. So we just bought our bananas right out of the back of his truck, to heck with the store. Geez, I love Mexicans.





Anyway, that’s a day in the life.  I’m not sure how long we can keep this kind of walking the edge up but we’ll make the sacrifice and continue to do it in order to help out around here. Oh, by the way, did we read that there was a blizzard warning in Winnipeg? Ha. Maybe this life isn’t so tough after all.  I guess we can do it for awhile longer. LOL.

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