Indescribable ….

Well, it’s not often I’m without words. However, as Jim and I go on walks and adventures around Bahia Asuncion, I find myself speechless. Temporarily, that is. Lucky for you, I’ve already recovered and am able to now begin the usual babble. But, wow, what words to find?

Yesterday we decided to go for a walk. Well, going for a walk might be a bit inaccurate. As we head over a little hill near a village called San Roque, we see the path ahead of us. Yep, that’s right, we’re just going for a little walk…down this path…on a nice normal (not!) day.


As we continue on the path we see…. oops, I guess they forgot to fix this pothole.


And if your pictures aren’t working, here’s the explanation. We find a deserted road that leads along a completely unpopulated stretch of the Pacific Ocean. However, there’s hurricanes around here and other big storms, and so we come upon a HUGE chunk of the road that is totally missing. Apparently it has, in fact, been completely wiped out and is no longer in existence except as a huge crater.  No problem since by now we’re at least half Mexican and getting experienced. We just climb down into the resulting pit and climb up again on the other side. And so the romp in the park continues.

And the sights on this walk! Here’s where it gets almost indescribable. My research tells me that a lot of the west coast of Baja consists of rocky, almost unvegetated bluffs with deep slashes on the shore into which the sea pours as the tide comes in. And that is exactly what we find. Around every corner and over every hill (the terrain is also quite hilly and, offshore, even mountainous) there is absolutely magnificent sights. Beautiful water, huge rocks, tidal pools and sand dunes take your breath away. I want to get down to every beach and climb up on every bluff, but often the rocks are much too rugged and the cliffs are sudden drop -offs everywhere. Only about every fourth deserted little beach is accessible (to my frustration), but when we do get to them, well, that’s when things become too much for words. Incredible. Magnifico. Let’s try some more pictures.




And so it goes. Today we’re relaxing (and recovering from yesterday’s zumba) and getting the inn ready for new guests. We’re in paradise and loving it. I’m watching the whales as we speak and planning the next adventures. Talk soon.





2 thoughts on “Indescribable ….

  1. oh my gosh that does look so beautiful. I cant imagine how it must feel to be there in person surrounded by all this beauty. actually, I can imagine it and it feels awesome!!! Enjoy and be safe!!!


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