Oh, Those Beaches!

And the trip goes on. After being in the little town of Loreto located about the middle of the east side of the Baja Peninsula, we’ve moved on to another beach experience. This time, we go south until we circle a larger city called La Paz using “the truck route” (tour guide talk for the way to get nine huge rvs through a busy city without incident) and end up going towards what seems like a wilderness area that is composed of mountains, lagoons and wide open sea. We finally arrive on what’s called a “free beach”, meaning miles and miles of sand and dunes with no regulations, no services, no cleaning of garbage, no washrooms, no anything but sea and sand. The wind howls here and the surf is huge. Pretty soon our ears, eyes, faces and rigs are coated with grit.

But what does one do on a ‘free beach’? Well, first, there’s the  mandatory collecting of shells, coral, wood and other utterly irresistible oddities that must be saved for some kind of great creation that will be made someday. The whole group has gotten into the mood and I now have contributions to my craft collection being made by unknown persons – things keep appearing on our trailer steps or on the truck fenders in the form of driftwood or delicate unusual shells which has Jim shaking his head all the time. But I will use them, I know I will. We even set up my shop right on the beach with the words on a sign that are used by many of the Mexican beach vendors: Almost Free! What a hoot.


And then there is hiking. One of the men asked if anybody would like to hike up the “hill” behind us to see the caves. A bunch of us decided to go along and so off we went. Well. The hill turned out to be a mountainous pile of rocks, the cactii had three inch spikey thorns (to be avoided at all costs) and what we thought was a path to the caves quickly became completely unidentifiable and turned into near rock slides at every step. But, up we went, sometimes having to grab onto boulders to keep from falling back down the way we’d come and always fighting the elevation and the loose rocks underfoot. And the caves! What looked like a cave from a distance was a shadow, and the real caves (if there actually were any) were always on the NEXT hill. Up and up we went until we all decided that we couldn’t go any farther. It was beautiful and wild and really worth the effort.  But then we had to go down.  It is now three days later and my legs still hurt from that descent. Whose idea was this anyway?



And then some of the best things of all on that beach, the comraderie and the playing in the surf. One of the days, before I knew it, there was a party happening at the Airstream. Chairs pulled up, drinks and snacks out, and there we were, planted in the sun and the wind. And even better, the amazing waves that were happening in that wind! Going for a swim meant  battling five foot waves that had the force of a freight train and almost sounded like one too. I went out into it, but not until I had convinced our friend Dan to come with me and stay close. What an adrenaline rush that was! Especially when one wave took the bottom of my bathing suit one way and the top the opposite way. Omigod, how did that happen? Luckily the cameras, the spectators and even Dan were far enough away and not looking at that moment. I hope.  Geez, who knew?


And so the trip goes on. Tomorrow, we move onto the huge city of Cabo San Lucas where the sun never sets and the tourists reign supreme. I have a feeling that once will be enough to visit this metropolis, but I’m willing to give it a try, especially after camping on a primitive Mexican beach. Look for more babble in a few days and stay tuned. In the meantime, adios amigos.












3 thoughts on “Oh, Those Beaches!

  1. actually, this read didnt sound like all that much fun…except for the part about the party at the airstream…….but probably because I am a horrible horrible swimmer…wouldnt catch moi in those waves…….and the hiking , man, I admire you and Debbie for doing such a thing…..I am currently watching videos for beginning yoga with a glass of wine thinking “I should try this”…..still in the thinking stage …enjoy and have fun!!!…which I know you are!!


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