Wow, What a Day!

Well, the RV caravan is turning out to be everything we expected and more.  Our day has been spent learning and experiencing one thing after another and all of them good. This is going to be a blast.

After a briefing at 8:00 AM (I thought this was a holiday; what’s with these early hours?), the whole caravan pulls out of the RV park where we met up yesterday.  What a scene. We’ve all been assigned a number and we are number six. We passengers (as it happens, all the women) all have our radios in our laps and we’re learning to use them. At the same time, the drivers (all the men, how sexist is this?) are attempting to get eight huge rv’s driving out of the park according to our numbers. This means that we have to wait for number five to get ahead of us, for number seven to be able to follow us and so on. We need an air traffic controller at the very least. Maybe more like a miracle.


Anyway, after a ridiculously long length of time, we manage to get to the highway and in the right order. Now we have to actually use these radios and not for jokes or corny roger, roger either. We’ve been given our instructions. No talking among ourselves. No jokes on the airwaves. Only listen and respond appropriately to the leader. Hmmm. I wonder how long this will last?

But for now, we behave. We move on down the highway in a convoy and realize, wow, is this fun. Our leader, Diane, is seriously awesome with her traffic instructions. “Semi passing on the right.”, “Large pothole straight ahead (this IS Mexico, after all), but don’t worry, it’s covered with a tire.” What?? Sure enough, there’s a tire sitting straight up in the middle of the highway. Oh well, better than falling straight to China through that gigantic hole in the ground.



And so the day goes. We stop for “body breaks” several times and everyone gathers and yaks it up. We stop in a large city and go to Costco – Costco of all things, and it turns out just like any other Costco except for Spanish signs everywhere. But the greatest thing is the amazing Mexican culture. Hand painted signs, goats in front yards, a few houses with tarps for roofs, yards where kids are playing amid signs saying, “horses for rent” and so much else! Taco shops, cantinas, flea markets, tamale restaurants, vegetables for sale, pottery everywhere and on and on. It’s a huge visual buffet of colours, sights and sounds and we drink it in all day.


Finally, we arrive at our oceanside campsite. Immediately, our caravan leaders wisk us into the company van and we are taken to an incredible spot, La Bufadora. This means “blow-hole” in Spanish. A blow-hole is a place where the ocean meets rocks and gets forced into small places, therefore blowing water straight up to incredible heights. Today, the ocean is cooperating and the water is flying fifty feet in the air. People are getting soaked, yelling, screeching and having a ball. We walk around, take pictures and finally get back into the van.



As it starts to get dark,  we are driven back to our new home, where we are all spending the evening resting from this amazing day. Wow, twenty-seven more to go.

8 thoughts on “Wow, What a Day!

  1. RELAX!! You will Enjoy the ‘Baja’ in spite of yourself. Oh and ask Jim to at least smirk for the next photo, he looks likes he is scanning for outlaws?!?!


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