Let the Adventure Begin.

Yahoo, we’re back and ready to roll again! So excited, the adrenaline humming and we can’t wait to get moving and make our newest adventure begin. We are now on Vancouver Island making our preparations and doing it in the rain. In November, it seems it does nothing but rain around here. For prairie dwellers it’s easy to imagine that this rain will go on forever, dark clouds all the time and everything wet, wet, wet. This must be what ducks feel like and I really think Vancouver Islanders are part mallard, especially the man next door who is still in shorts while we have fleece head to foot and the lady on the other side who sits constantly talking or reading under her sodden tarp in the gloom. There’s a website that says that every tree in the rainforest gives off enough coolness to power 20 small air conditioners. This is a good thing? In the rain? But before I get a case of SAD on, I will make myself pause and remember those seriously gorgeous sunny days in August with the whales cruising on all sides of us. Ok, gotta give it that. But still, we really can’t wait for sunshine, California, wind, surf, sand, Arizona, desert, sun, heat, Baja Mexico, yes!  Here we come !        DSC01532

But first I must mention our month in Winnipeg and the things we did to make ourselves ready to be serious travellers and to walk the edge.  We have just gone “home” to pack up our condo and store all our possessions. Our new address is St. Mary’s Self-Storage and we are now the proud owners of a kayak, a truck full of “stuff” and an Airstream trailer that holds all the essentials for living. Amazing. In addition, there’s that ten-by-ten foot storage room crammed with things that come to me in occasional flashes of memory. These flashes are startling because of their irrelevancy to my present situation. Why did I think I needed to keep that table?  Do I think I need snowshoes to sit by the ocean? Ah well, lots of time to purge later. Let’s just pay and worry about it tomorrow. We are now FTA’s (Full-Time Airstreamers) and loving every minute of it.

Among the packing and organizing, we spent such quality time with family and friends that I still have a warm fuzzy glow thinking of it. A great family time was Thanksgiving dinner at my son and his girlfriend’s house. They don’t realize how happy it makes me to be there, but in fact, it was the highlight of the month. They are great hosts, excellent cooks and just interesting and intelligent kids. I love going there, hanging out with them for awhile, getting an understanding that they are doing okay in their lives and then leaving with a good feeling. They have a new baby, a puppy named Turbo, and he is the cutest thing going. He adds to the rosy glow and it lasts until the next time and makes me feel that all is well with the world. What a gift they give, and they don’t even know it. Oh well, when they have kids they like to be with, they’ll see. It’s the proverbial “what goes around, comes around”. They’ll get it then.



And other family gatherings were fantastic too. Dinners with my brother and sister-in-law and an awesome niece, visits with the in-laws, helping Jim’s mom with doctors and appointments, brunch with Jim’s brother and sister-in-law, visits with another entirely cute little niece and her parents. What more could I want?

But there is more. Get- togethers with friends turned out to be more frequent than I had dared hope and always a blast. A drive to the lake to see old friends, dinners out with girlfriends, a couple of long heart to heart talks with hard-to-pin-down people and lots of phone calls to acquaintances made the month go by quickly and happily. There were others with whom we just couldn’t connect, running out of time and energy, but who were in our thoughts just because we were there. Next time for sure.

And to end the month, a beautiful visit with a fantastic daughter-like niece in Calgary. Talk about warm fuzzies. That girl warms my heart every time, so like her mother and yet so much in tune with me. I am so lucky to have her and everyone else I’ve seen this month and I’m not sure what I did to deserve this. And now she’s pregnant; I’m going to be a great aunt, wow, my cup runneth over. Oh well, take advantage of it, what the heck. You only live once and I’m going to fill this life with gratitude for all of it. Hmm, enough. As my other son would say, blah, blah, blah. But sorry, I really am thankful for all of it. Okay, enough.

And now we are here. We are cleaning, organizing, planning, and getting on the move. We have managed to have another smattering of quality time with the grandkids in Comox again, baking, doing crafts and visiting. Being with them never gets old and, in fact, this place seems pretty dull without them. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy this?



But now, after leaving them, we’re hitting the road. The extremely wet road. We are moving south, now in Nanaimo, then a visit with yet another fabulous niece and tomorrow, finally,  onto Seattle. Does B.C. Ferries really operate in this incessant rain? Will the boat fill up with rainwater and sink? Well, maybe that’s the lunatic ramblings of a prairie person, but we’ll see on Sunday when we drive both the truck and our home (the Airstream, that is) into a tiny, impossible-looking spot on the lower deck of a huge ferry boat.  In the meantime, get ready, we are going to walk the edge in the next five months all the way to the tip of Baja California and back and we want you with us. Adventures are coming up, so stay tuned, excitement ahead. Gotta practice that Spanish pretty soon. In the meantime, I’ll put on my raingear and walk through the wet. Adios, amigos.


                                                                                       Baja California-Jan2013 243



8 thoughts on “Let the Adventure Begin.

  1. It was great to see you Glenda! I am imagining you and Jim (like the Lone Ranger and Tonto) rearing up and shouting, “Hi-yo Silver” and galloping off into the sunset … yet again!


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