Don’t Go Away…

Well, this blog is winding down for the moment as the exciting travel and great family visits morph into a month in Winnipeg to pack up the condo. Since this is primarily a travel/full-time rving/retirement story, time out is necessary at this point. We will resume with our adventures around the second week in November when we head down to do some great hiking in Arizona, California and maybe New Mexico. We will then go back to Winnipeg for Christmas, and begin traveling again in earnest in January, writing about any interesting things that might happen during our RV caravan trip in Baja California, about how a month in a little Mexican fishing village on the Pacific Ocean will throw our minds into cultural shockwaves (yes, I really am going to learn to surf. Maybe.) and who knows what else at that point. It’s been amazing to have all of you following and commenting and we really look forward to having you on board again when we resume. Jim and Glenda, Freedom 101.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Go Away…

  1. fun times…happy for you guys…….but do something with that grass…..carry a roll of phony grass with you….and just roll it out…lol


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