I am So Blessed

” I may not always be with you

But when we’re far apart

Remember you will be with me

Right inside my heart.”

  • Marc Wambolt, Poems from the Heart

Yes, I’m feeling blessed. We have come home (to the Airstream) unscathed and very satisfied from our North Island adventure and are embarking upon a completely different kind of adventure now, that of family and friends. We have many events happening this week and in the near future and I thought I’d tell you just how these can all be accomplished while living in 200 square feet of trailer. No problem.

Well, the thing is,  you have to organize. Juggle. Have patience. Plan. Communicate. Having done a lot of all of these things, the first event is happening today.

It’s my birthday. That’s right, a non-event as far as I’m concerned but thankfully not, it seems, from the perspective of so many people we have left behind somewhere on our travels. I’m only mentioning my birthday because it seems so strange to even contemplate having one away from family, friends and home. I mean, really, what do you do? There’s nobody to have you over for birthday cake, we often can’t get phone calls because of unreliable cell phone service and everybody is soooo far away. And yet, it’s working. My awesome husband has given me a super day; spa, massage, lunch out and now dinner at a spectacular seaside restaurant. My sister-in-law has managed, with only one broken connection, to do her annual and very sad (think sick puppy) Happy Birthday singing phone call. My sons have both texted right on time and apparently didn’t even need all the hints I thought I had to give them every year.  My brother woke me up this morning with a sick joke attached to his birthday wish and a promise for an evening phone call (only if we are in exactly the right place with the phone slanted the right way). My niece has remembered and sent a message even though she is extremely busy at school. And even my cool brother-in-law in Toronto has sent a text, wow! In addition, Facebook has done its thing and gotten people sending wishes and gmail is doing a fine job of relaying many more. Consequently, it’s been a really fine day.  That’s how you do it (have a birthday, that is) in a trailer.

And next, being here on Vancouver Island but leaving shortly, we’re having an early Thanksgiving dinner with the kids and grandkids that live here. In. the. trailer. Oh yeah, a big dinner with all the trimmings, no store-made stuff and lots of home cookin’. We couldn’t find a turkey that fits in our little oven, so a prime rib roast is the substitute. Everything that can go on a barbeque will do so. Jim and I have discussed the organization of this meal endlessly and even have lists that show where everything will be cooked and where. Heaven forbid that we should ever try to be doing two things by two people (we both cook) in this little kitchen. So major planning and cook-ahead items are the order of the day.

And location? Well, last year we fit everybody into the trailer (nobody could move except the little kids) and managed to pull it off quite successfully even though there was a huge downpour, this being Vancouver Island. But this year, we’ve smartened up. We’ve reserved the beautiful party room that is here in this campsite complete with giant fireplace, game boards, kitchen, bathrooms, tables, chairs, TV (not going to be used, even by the teenagers, sorry), music player and huge barbeque. I’ve got a few toys for the kids, some craft things (it’s going to be raining again) and we have a ton of food. THAT’S how you do it (feed a family, that is) in a trailer.

And so it goes. Next event, a visit to Edmonton for a grandchild’s birthday. Put the trailer in storage, hop on a plane (rides to the airport are a bit difficult), reserve the favorite hotel close to the kids’ house, and boogie. Enjoy. We don’t own a house, we don’t pay taxes, we only have one vehicle, so airfare? Not so much of a problem. Visits to the kids are a part of living in a trailer as well as fly-in visits to other family and friends. Part of the deal. A joy.

And on that topic, next on the agenda is a visit home. No, wait a minute, home is the Airstream. Okay, a visit to Winnipeg. Lots more family and friends there and we have things to attend to, so lets boogie again. Put the trailer in storage, hop a plane, etc., etc. Seriously can’t wait. I already have lots of dates with friends lined up, Thanksgiving dinner at my son’s house is arranged, restaurant reservations made for the day after we come home with my brother and sister-in-law, and on and on. Wow, this living in a trailer is fun.

And, in contemplating all that, I have to ask myself, why don’t more people do it? Living in a trailer IS fun, there’s no doubt about it. After you get past the lifelong preconceptions that we are all taught about roots and stability and owning a house and responsibility, and after you embrace technology and long distance chats and flights as your modes of visit and communication, this lack of responsibility, this never-ending adventure and ever-changing landscape is awesome. There are disadvantages, no question, but we’re working on them and coming up with compromises and answers. And it’s not permanent, although right now neither of us can see the end even though we’ve discussed it a lot. We finally decided to shelve that particular discussion and live for the moment. Now. A yoga teacher recently said in a class, “Feel it now, before your brain kicks in and puts reality in your mind once again. Feel the sensation now.” Maybe that’s what we’re doing. Rather irresponsible, maybe, impulsive for sure, but fun? You betcha. And having the ability to do it and even better, having family and friends that put up with it? For sure I am, we are, SO blessed.

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