Yahoo – It’s Changing Socks Day.

While every day here in Telegraph Cove has been sensational, there comes a time when even the luckiest of individuals (that’s us, so far) must take a break and regroup. In other words, do house and person maintenance. And so, reluctantly, we take some time to clean the trailer ( ten minutes), wash the dishes (only kidding, we do that at least once a day. Dishwasher? What’s that?), and gather the laundry. With the grocery list and laptop in hand, a big bag of dirty clothes and the Tide bottle, we trundle into the truck and take off for town. Oh, and don’t forget to put on clean socks. About time.

In the little town of Port McNeill here on North Vancouver Island, you have a unique situation. We identified this last time we were in town and so today we do it. We park the truck in the biggest parking lot in town, that is, at the one and only strip mall and then head out, on foot, to do everything. First stop, down the street to the Laundromat. Not a problem to walk there as it’s only half a block. We get the laundry going and then I leave Jim to use the computer with the free internet and I walk back towards the strip mall. Here I can:

-stop in the only clothing store in town and browse. Not to buy, though, that’s for sure as everything’s three times the cost here in the middle of nowhere. A ordinary man’s good quality sweatshirt, a hundred and fifty dollars.

-go to the Fields store and exchange a pair of pants. Lots cheaper here, but the pants developed a big rip in the butt the first time I wore them.

-drop into the Bead Lady store and get some stuff for a craft project.

-run up the hill to the Rona’s to get more craft stuff.

-go back down the hill and across the parking lot to the Bargain Store for a birthday card.

-go over to the Shop Easy, buy a few groceries and deposit the food in the truck which is still in the same parking spot.

-come back to the strip mall and meet Jim for lunch at Tia’s (the main town restaurant) where the waitress keeps saying, ‘You can hang around and use your computer if you want, no problem”.

How’s that for convenience? Oh, and I forgot, during all this, I stopped for a haircut with a cute stylist who informed me that she’s been doing this for a long time (unknown hairdressers in little towns make me a tad nervous so I might have indirectly asked), since high school, and now, well, she’s twenty- two, for heaven’s sake. Yep, seriously experienced, no worries.

Oh boy, the joys of RVing.

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